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Hong Kong Sommelier Association

Hong Kong Sommelier Association (17)

Contributed by members of the Hong Kong Sommelier Association

“Wine Lovers” ~ what factors affect their buying patterns? (17)

27 Mar 2015 18:41

In this article we are continue to discuss about how the wine drinkers in various countries behave differently toward wine drinking. Spain - The wine lovers in Aragón considered geographical origin over other aspects and those in Navarre determined the vintage year as the main consideration of their preferences when they purchased high priced ...
Ruby Tang

Ruby Tang (24)

Head of Risk Management Solutions, Dun & Bradstreet (HK) Ltd

Trends and Predictions in Supply Chain Risk Management

02 Feb 2015 13:20

The best word to describe today’s supply chain is complex. Organizations’ supply chains have become more global and interconnected over the years, which have left them increasingly vulnerable to a great amount of risk. What’s more, the unpredictability of today’s global marketplace, economy, and financial markets will ...
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HKTDC Managers & Overseas Offices

HKTDC Managers & Overseas Offices (310)

From various departments and overseas offices of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council

2014 – A Year for Fun and Games in the European Toy Industry

07 Jan 2015 09:55

Overall, 2014 proved to be a highly successful year for many in the European toy community. It's the year when just about every one of the major European territories has seen above-inflation increases for the first time in five years. Even the lowest performing market – Spain – is flat rather than in decline. Assuming December sales match up to ...
Think Asia, Think Hong Kong, USA

Think Asia, Think Hong Kong, USA (3)

Think Asia, Think Hong Kong, USA

Don’t Be Fooled by the Familiar in China

27 Apr 2013 01:52

Would you base your opinion of the United States entirely on knowledge of New York City and Los Angeles? Most would agree that viewing the US through the lens of these two cities will result in a limited understanding at best. Don’t kid yourself. And yet, this is exactly how many in the West end up looking at China. Media coverage of China is heavily ...
Jammy Chen

Jammy Chen (15)

General Manager of SME Banking, Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Limited

Making good use of the extension of SME Financing Guarantee Scheme

09 Apr 2013 11:21

In response to the positive feedback resulting from the launch of the Special Concessionary Measures for the SME Financing Guarantee Scheme (SFGS) in May 2012, the Financial Secretary announced in the 2013-14 Budget the extension of the application period for one more year. SMEs can continue to submit applications for loan products supported by the 80% ...
Gerry Ma

Gerry Ma (7)

Director of ColArt Hong Kong Limited, and Chairman of Trade & Industry Department (HKSAR) Customer Liaison Group for SMEs

Micro-Enterprises - A call for action, turn the grant to your capital

15 Mar 2011 11:09

Trying to resolve the complaints from general public after making the 2011-12 Budget, the Financial Secretary announced to grant all holders of Hong Kong permanent identity cards aged 18 or above a sum of HK$6,000, planned to spend a total of HK$36 billion. People going to receive the “extra pocket money” are all very excited while many ...
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