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BLOG - David Abrahamson

David Abrahamson Title: Project Manager, Business Enabling & Knowledge Management Department, Intertek Testing Services Hong Kong Ltd
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Industry: Quality Inspection & Testing; Corporate Social Responsibilities
Expert In: Quality inspection, testing & standards, corporate social responsibilities
Company Name: Intertek Testing Services Hong Kong Ltd
Company Website: http://www.intertek.com/

At Intertek, David brings his extensive experience in development work in China to help brands and suppliers manage sustainability issues and trade requirements. Previously, David worked as Guangdong Manager for Concordia Welfare and Education Foundation, Research Analyst for Business for Social Responsibility and Communications Associate for The Nature Conservancy. David is fluent in Mandarin Chinese and has been living in China since 2001.

Posts (5)

Manufacturing Under the 12th Five-Year Plan

25 Apr 2011 09:45

Views: 8735 / Comments: 1

The five year plan has been out for a month, the dust has settled and I imagine the local governments are scrambling to make their own plans that fit in with Beijing’s. The Twelfth Five year plan was anticipated to be transformative. In the guidance documents presented to the CPC n October 2010 there was a request for a dramatic social welfare reform to ...


Will Supplier Sustainability Reporting Become Commonplace?

01 Nov 2010 18:17

Views: 4918 / Comments: 0

It seemed that, only a few years ago, good sustainability reporting was only done by the biggest, highest profile multinationals (usually western), such as Coca-Cola China, Shell, and Starbucks. Now I’m not referring to philanthropy leaflets about a company’s volunteer day or charitable contributions, I’m talking about reports ...


Be Proactive About Worker Communication: Be in touch, or be surprised

25 Aug 2010 10:39

Views: 6960 / Comments: 2

I’ve had a lot of people ask me lately why some companies, such as Honda and Toyota have had problems with worker disputes in recent months and what companies are doing to cause such unrest. Foxconn had trouble accounting for worker dissatisfaction that lead to a bout of suicides and attempted suicides, and likewise Honda didn’t see the strikes ...


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Minimum Wages in China

27 Jul 2010 11:55

Views: 7063 / Comments: 0

The first half of 2010 has seen minimum wages raised in 21 out of China’s 31 mainland provinces. It is expected that by the end of the year the rest will follow suit. Let’s explore the system that decides minimum wages and how they are issued in different ways across the 31 mainland provinces. With China’s growing economy, the government ...


Strikes and Wage Hikes: What does this mean for manufacturing in China?

13 Jul 2010 11:29

Views: 6843 / Comments: 8

The past several months have seen three important issues arise in the China manufacturing sector: increased wages, a labor shortage and high profile incidents of unrest in major international suppliers. On the tail of a strike in a Honda plant, resulting in wage increases as high as 32 percent, a Toyota parts plant in Tianjin had a brief strike for better ...


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