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BLOG - Gerry Ma

Gerry Ma Title: Director of ColArt Hong Kong Limited, and Chairman of Trade & Industry Department (HKSAR) Customer Liaison Group for SMEs
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Industry: Manufacturing and Trading of Art Materials
Expert In: Operational issues of concern to SMEs
Company Name: ColArt Hong Kong Limited
Company Website: http://www.colarthk.com/

In 2005, Mr. Ma has been elected as the Chairman of the SME Committee of Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce (HKGCC, 2005-2009).  He has also been invited to join the Small and Medium Enterprises Committee of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region as Committee Member. At the same time, he participated at both the Trade & Industry Department (HKSAR) SME Development Fund Vetting Committee and China Committee of HKGCC. Mr. Ma is also actively involved in industrial bodies and community services.  He has been the Chairman of Hong Kong Print Awards (1996-2004); Advisor for Self-employment Assistance Scheme of the Employees Retraining Board and Cyberport Institute of the University of Hong Kong.

Posts (7)

Micro-Enterprises - A call for action, turn the grant to your capital

15 Mar 2011 11:09

Views: 16027 / Comments: 0

Trying to resolve the complaints from general public after making the 2011-12 Budget, the Financial Secretary announced to grant all holders of Hong Kong permanent identity cards aged 18 or above a sum of HK$6,000, planned to spend a total of HK$36 billion. People going to receive the “extra pocket money” are all very excited while many ...


Venture Capital - Love you? Love you not?

07 Sep 2010 16:56

Views: 7112 / Comments: 0

As business owner, you sure want to grow your business day by day. However, in business development process, funding is very critical. Besides lending from financial institutions, equity financing is also one of the very common solutions. From time to time, I read from various sources that newly set-up businesses or those arranging initial public ...


i-CRAZY 5.0

17 Aug 2010 16:09

Views: 10957 / Comments: 2

“Will you be buying an iPad?”; “Could I get an iPhone 4 without waiting?”. Even if your friend has not yet showing off their new toys, Apple “i-device” is surely one of the hot topics in the past weeks. On iPhone 4 launch day, lines in the US, UK, France and Japan around the world tell an interesting story about demand and ...


Guide to selling in China recommended by HKTDC

Who should be the decision-maker? – Part II

26 Jul 2010 09:32

Views: 4947 / Comments: 0

So, what is the meaning of “branding”? In Part I, “new logo” and “new packaging” are mentioned, some SMEs might hired a famous designer for creating a “new logo” and “package” and stop there. But these are only the partial meaning, or, the “visual” part. Besides the part that ...


Step forward…together! – Part II

26 Jul 2010 09:30

Views: 5750 / Comments: 0

Any change of plans for the Government, PLIs or enterprises after the termination of SpGS? For SMEs using SpGS now, will they be able to get approved for SGS? Will they be charged for higher interest rates or fees with less support from the Government? What is the plan for PLIs in 2011 towards SMEs? Is there any arrangement from the Government during the ...


Who should be the decision-maker? – Part I

13 Jul 2010 13:56

Views: 4183 / Comments: 0

Hong Kong SMEs operating manufacturing plants in mainland are getting more difficult these days.  Everyone wants to get a market share in the giant market and factories could not survive with just simple “value added” components or export.  Many of them wanted to launch their products as domestic goods and SMEs also started to pay attention to the ...


Step forward…together! – Part I

13 Jul 2010 11:32

Views: 4040 / Comments: 1

Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government (“Government”) decided to extend the application period of the SME Special Loan Guarantee Scheme (“SpGS”) one last time to 31 December 2010. SpGS was launched during the financial tsunami period in the end of 2008 and it is a time-limited initiative to tackle the credit ...


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