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HKTDC Managers & Overseas Offices Title: From various departments and overseas offices of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Industry: Trade Promotion
Expert In: Promoting Hong Kong's external trade and its role as an international business platform
Company Name: Hong Kong Trade Development Council
Company Website: http://www.hktdc.com/

The Hong Kong Trade Development Council provides assistance to manufacturers, traders and service providers in their international promotion. Through our trusted online marketplace, our product magazines and trade fairs, the vital connections between suppliers and buyers are nurtured. 

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Energy-Efficient Household Appliances Designated a Mainland Priority

15 Feb 2016 15:27

Views: 3702 / Comments: 0

Government-backing and a number of related incentives have seen mainland manufacturers actively developing an increasingly efficient range of household appliances with a view to taking a global lead in this highly competitive sector. With energy-efficient household appliances now designated as a priority development sector by the mainland ...


Clear Opportunities Emerging in Mainland Family Outdoor Fun Market

15 Feb 2016 15:20

Views: 1322 / Comments: 0

The changing lifestyles of many affluent mainlanders has led to an increased interest in outdoor sports. Typically, these are seen as the antidote to cramped living conditions and stressful career requirements. At present, exploration trips and hiking expeditions constitute the mainstays of the mainland’s adult-focussed outdoor sports ...


Traditional and Electronic Games to the Fore in Poland's Toy Sector

24 Dec 2015 13:14

Views: 1077 / Comments: 0

With its overall economic slowdown and its declining birthrate, many have understandably written off Poland as a potentially lucrative toy market. In such straitened times, it has been assumed, family spending will be purely focussed on necessities. A closer look at the consumer priorities of many Poles, however, reveals a slightly less pessimistic ...


Guide to selling in China recommended by HKTDC

Crunch Year for Toys R Us with Manufacturers Hoping for Turnaround

24 Dec 2015 13:07

Views: 848 / Comments: 0

Toys R Us is an integral component of the global toy retail market. The company straddles several channels – it is one of the largest major multiple accounts in the world but, at the same time, it is essentially a specialist toy retailer, not a multi-category outlet, such as Walmart or Target. One of the principal reasons why the health of Toys R Us is so ...


US Public Sector Set to Embrace Wireless Protocols and Wearables

23 Dec 2015 17:44

Views: 805 / Comments: 0

An ad-hoc command centre – complete with emergency vehicles and satellites – was stationed by the entrance to the 2015 International Wireless Communications Expo (IWCE). The set-up felt so real that any visitor to the Las Vegas event couldn't be sure whether it was best to get off the phone to clear bandwidth or to take photos and share them ...


Several New Rules Take Effect on 1 April

22 Dec 2015 15:16

Views: 909 / Comments: 0

A number of new rules and regulations officially entered into force on 1 April 2015. They include rules on credit management and classified management for customs inspection agencies, banning the online screening of unregistered foreign films and TV series and stopping ticket sales when scenic spots reach capacity, and the launch of commercial auto ...


2014 – A Year for Fun and Games in the European Toy Industry

07 Jan 2015 09:55

Views: 3648 / Comments: 0

Overall, 2014 proved to be a highly successful year for many in the European toy community. It's the year when just about every one of the major European territories has seen above-inflation increases for the first time in five years. Even the lowest performing market – Spain – is flat rather than in decline. Assuming December sales match up to ...


Chongqing Gives Subsidies to 3,000 New Energy Vehicles

02 Jan 2015 11:42

Views: 1725 / Comments: 0

Chongqing municipal government will promote the use of new energy vehicles in the city, providing subsidies of Rmb267 million to a total of 3,000 vehicles until 2015. Consumers will enjoy significant price concessions in buying new energy vehicles. As an important economic centre in western China, Chongqing gained approval last November to be among ...


German eco-label "Blue Angel" to cooperate with Chinese eco-label

22 Dec 2014 09:17

Views: 3225 / Comments: 0

Mainland Chinese traders may like to be alerted to a development concerning cooperation between German and mainland Chinese eco-labelling schemes. On 11 November 2014, an agreement was signed which sets out the future cooperation between Germany's best known eco-label, the Blue Angel ("Blauer Engel"), and a Chinese eco-labelling scheme. The Blue ...


Watch and Clock Market: Optimistic Outlook for 2015

03 Nov 2014 15:46

Views: 1646 / Comments: 0

The survey results for the HKTDC Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair 2014 show that industry players are optimistic with regard to anticipated sales for 2015. The traditional markets, such as North America (39) and Western Europe (39), as well as the emerging markets, notably the Chinese mainland (52) and the Middle East (38), are both expected to enjoy a ...


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