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HKTDC Research Title: HKTDC Research has a strong team of professional economists, offering exclusive expert analysis.
Expert In: In-depth and up-to-date economic analysis and market intelligence covering Hong Kong, the Chinese mainland, and most major and emerging markets
Company Name: HKTDC Research
Company Website: http://www.hktdc.com/Research

HKTDC Research produces over 1,000 new Research articles each year, focusing on market trends & information and industry forecasts. 

Posts (10)

Go Africa, go Kenya!

06 Aug 2012 16:12

Views: 9781 / Comments: 2

All agree that there is huge potential in Africa, but success usually comes only to those who toil for it. A good beginning is to choose which market out of the continent’s 54 countries to start with. As a gateway to East and Central Africa, Kenya stands out from the crowd with strong connectivity and a relatively modern retail sector. Kenya, with a ...


Chasing after the African “Leopards”

05 Jul 2012 17:45

Views: 4072 / Comments: 0

Amid the worrying news about the Eurozone, Hong Kong companies may well shift their attention to a glittering star - Africa. Returning from a mission to West and East Africa, HKTDC Chief Economist, Edward Leung, recommends to Hong Kong exporters and enterprises the great potential of the Africa market. Nigeria in the west and Kenya in the east serve as the ...


Emerging Market Spotlight: Brazil’s many opportunities

20 Mar 2012 11:47

Views: 23706 / Comments: 14

As the Football World Cup and Olympics approach, Hong Kong electronics and fashion are to make their mark in Brazil, says HKTDC Economist Louis Chan. One of the greatest business attractions in Brazil is its large pool of consumers. Its 190-million-strong population and ever-growing middle class constitute the largest consumer market in Latin America ...


Guide to selling in China recommended by HKTDC

Are “China prices” becoming yesterday’s trade story?

06 Jan 2012 09:52

Views: 11363 / Comments: 0

"The China Price" were once the three scariest words in U.S. industry. Plentiful Chinese labor kept down costs of a range of goods bought by Americans. However, RMB has appreciated 23% against the US dollar since the Rmb regime changed in 2005. In tandem, wages have been rising rapidly since 2009, heralding the possible end of an era of cheap ...


Partnering for Emerging Market Success --- Sell to South America, sell to Chile

07 Dec 2011 09:51

Views: 13870 / Comments: 14

Chile is by no means a small market. But with the highest per-capita GDP and lowest inflation in the region, Chile offers steadfast business prospects for Hong Kong companies. The country also serves as a regional hub for South America. Given its strong logistics and retail sectors, Chile not only boasts the region’s largest shipping company, but ...


Implications of the latest measures announced by Li Keqiang

12 Oct 2011 15:43

Views: 7869 / Comments: 6

In a forum in Hong Kong last August to highlight the 12th Five-Year Programme’s implications, Vice Premier Li Keqiang announced new measures applying to Hong Kong, under which services trades between the Mainland and the SAR will be liberalised to a far greater extent. Hong Kong’s competitiveness as an offshore Renminbi (Rmb) centre is ...


China Business Brief: Tax Talk

07 Oct 2011 10:40

Views: 8319 / Comments: 12

Worried about the many and varied taxes imposed on the Chinese mainland? HKTDC China Business Adviser Terence Tam says you have to know what you're facing in advance. Our "Guide to Doing Business in China" provides you detailed tips about tax administration on the Chinese mainland.


Smart tips on protecting your brand on the Chinese mainland

03 Oct 2011 15:00

Views: 6947 / Comments: 1

How can you effectively protect your brand when doing business on the Chinese mainland? HKTDC China Business Adviser Terence Tam explains how to stop infringers "sitting in your seat". You can find more smart tips for doing business on the Chinese mainland in our quarterly magazine HKTDC Trade Quarterly. ...


China Business Brief: Sell, Sell, Sell

26 Sep 2011 11:25

Views: 7045 / Comments: 0

The huge China consumer market invites sales. HKTDC China Business Adviser Terence Tam speaks of making the most of the opportunities, including setting up a sales office and using Hong Kong. You plan to sell to China? This is the China selling guide you must read.


Terence Tam's China Business Brief: The Grand Plan

22 Sep 2011 13:57

Views: 5347 / Comments: 0

Setting up a business in China is a big project, requiring significant financial and time commitments, business management knowledge and local knowledge. HKTDC China Business Adviser Terence Tam provides insightful tips based on his experience advising companies and individuals trading on the Chinese mainland. Terence shares some must-knows to ...


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