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“Wine Lovers” ~ what factors affect their buying patterns? (16)

27 March 2015 18:40

In this article we are continue to discuss about how wine drinkers in Australia and Hungary behave differently toward wine drinking.  


-           Researchers in 2005 revealed that female wine drinkers purchased more expensive wines and placed the concern of region of origin higher than their male counterpart. (Remark 1)

-           A study (2008) reported that women had greater degree of reliance on the style of label design than men when making wine purchasing decision and they were at an affective rather than a cognitive level. (Remark 2)

-           A study conducted in 2009 found that in Australia quality, price, grape variety, wine style and region of origin were the most important choice factors considered by consumers when making a buying decision and female consumers were more concerned about the region of origin than male consumers were. (Remark 3)

European Countries


A research conducted in 2004 (Remark 4) reviewed that:

-          Personal value-based (safety seekers, self-fulfillers, hedonists and indifferent) was a good tool to segment the market and for marketers to better understand their targeted consumers in order to design an appropriate wine business strategic.

-          30 of respondents agreed it was considerably important to taste the wine before purchasing it for home consumption and when the wine was purchased as a gift, their personal experience and role of brand became relatively important. Moreover, if the respondents had no chance to taste the wine prior to purchase, they could considered the taste, quality and wine region for the wines consumed at home, on the other hand if the wine was used as a gift they could focus on the attitudes of bottles like quality, taste, wine region, label and price and the recommendation of experts.

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Content provided by: Ms Gaman Ng - member of HKSA.

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