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“Wine Lovers” ~ what factors affect their buying patterns? (17)

27 March 2015 18:41

In this article we are continue to discuss about how the wine drinkers in various countries behave differently toward wine drinking.


-       The wine lovers in Aragón considered geographical origin over other aspects and those in Navarre determined the vintage year as the main consideration of their preferences when they purchased high priced wines (Remark 1).


-       A survey showed that the wine attitudes (bottle shape, label design and type of cork) were the least important and the price, style and region had the highest importance rating for Irishmen making a wine purchasing decision (Remark 2).

China vs Brazil vs Irish

-       The brand name of wine was the most influent factor for Chinese and Brazilians but it was only the fifth most important wine attribute for Irish wine consumers (Remark 3). 

Austria vs Irish

-       The grape varietal was the top consideration for Austrians but for Irish consumers it was the fourth most important attribute when selecting wine (Remark 2). 

UK vs Irish

-       Wine Intelligence Research Company revealed that 29 of regular wine drinkers in United Kingdom were influenced by famous wine critics through newspapers, books, television, email, magazines and online information (Remark 4). 

-       60 of regular wine drinkers were influenced by friends and family members’ recommendations which statistics doubled the rate of shop signage, opinion from the salesmen in wine shop or advice from wine critics (Remark 4).

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Content provided by: Ms Gaman Ng - member of HKSA.


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