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“Wine Lovers” ~ what factors affect their buying patterns? (18)

14 September 2015 09:58

This is the last article we discuss about how the wine drinkers in various countries behave differently toward wine drinking.

United States

In United States, the survey reviewed that based on the wine drinkers consumption levels was segmented into 4 major groups (remark 1):

1)   Core drinkers
2)   Marginal drinkers
3)   Non-adopters and
4)   Non-drinkers 

Each of these groups were broken down into gender, age, ethnicity, incomes and education level conjunct with Wine Market Council consumption segmentation divided into:

1)   Traditionalists
2)   Baby boomers
3)   Gen Xers 
4)   Millennials 

Researchers suggested the primary and the most obvious implication for marketers was to take generational differences into consideration when developing marketing strategies and campaigns because different age groups appeared to be consuming wine for various reasons.  As for the results, it was agreed across all four age cohorts that the main reason to start drinking wine is food wine connection. 

Moreover, in a survey taken at the end of 2005, around 36 of Americans were confused by the wine label and 75 of consumers had trouble to recall the wine name even if they really liked that wine (remark 2). 

Wine label is like a mini-poster to impress consumers and stand out on the shelf. But a label designer said that “Successful label matches the style of wine and winery, and appeals to the target audience…. A masculine label marketed to women will not be successful. ”.  Few years later, Cline winery adopted a new extended-text label to covey more detailed story about the vineyard and share a recipe for those consumers who were interested in food with and wine pairing (remark 3).

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Content provided by: Ms Gamen Ng - member of HKSA.

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