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“Wine Lovers” ~ what factors affect their buying patterns? (5)

21 June 2012 16:05

Do you think natural cork is more preferable than screw cap in HK? Do you agree that the extrinsic product attributes are often used by consumers as heuristic hints to indicate quality, consequently consumers may use these elements as a risk reduction strategy?

When I asked about the impression on wine bottled with two types of closures, both genders in Hong Kong reacted positively to the natural cork.  There has 1 male respondent said to me that “Screw cap is cheapening the image of the wine!” well…well…well… there has certain number of people had stronger preference for natural cork. 

  • 88% of male and 74% female participants reacted positively to the natural cork. 
  • The average percentage from both genders to rate screw cap and natural cork as dissatisfied and strongly dissatisfied was 21% and 2% respectively.

The Preference for Natural Cork & Screw Cap: 

Here is some of the interesting survey about cork & cap:

  • Female wine drinkers in United States reacted negatively to metal screw caps and showed a stronger preference for natural cork.
  • Women in New Zealand were more likely to be adopters of screw cap to men. 
  • In United States has an investigation about “Effects of bottle closure type on consumer perceptions of wine quality” to reveal 3 closures types of corks on wine consumers’ perceptions of the quality of Merlot and Chardonnay wines bottled for 33 months.  During the interview, respondents were not allowed to detect sensory differences in the wines. The results indicated that:

1. Respondents assumed alternative attributes were adapted by the wine industry because screw cap and synthetic cork are more economical

2. 80% of respondents indicated screw cap were inacceptable to replace natural cork

3. They felt disappointed if the wine served in restaurant was of screw cap

Next time we will talk about the presentation of wine bottle.  Do you think label design, self tag, medals and awards affected consumers on buying wines?

Content provided by: Ms Gaman Ng - member of HKSA.


by - 16 Jul 2012 14:53

Re: discussion on natural cork versus screw cap.
Realizing the environmental issues with both of the above, I believe we need an education on both products to see the wider impact each closing device has.  So there should be a discussion on that. There is a lot of room for education for us wine lovers, isn't there?
Best regards,

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