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Spring fest signals shopping spree of sorts

15 February 2013 11:22

The Tet Nguyen Dan, being the same celebration of spring as the Lunar New Year in China, is equally as significant for Vietnam when it comes to consumer sales.

With the tug of ancestral memories, there's great attention to cleaning homes and kitchens followed by preparation of great meals. So items like cleaners, flowers, bonsai apricot and kumquat trees, pickled onions, watermelon and pumpkin seeds - along with chickens, rice and decorations - are on sale everywhere.

In fact, Vietnamese consumers have begun the holiday shopping spree already, aiming for products at reasonable prices and discounts.

At grocery stores and traditional markets, consumers are appearing more generous when it comes to confectionery, beer, soft drinks and dried products.

Consumers actually prefer reasonably-priced, home-made goods to luxury imported ones but will be swayed on price.

But most traders identify sales volumes as significantly lower this year than last. Shoppers are switching to supermarkets. Economic uncertainties have led them to cut spending.

All retailers hope the situation will get better over the next few days, when labourers enjoy their holidays and do more shopping.

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